December 22, 2014.
Dear Dr. Stefano Marcelli, we noticed that your paper "Gross anatomy and acupuncture: A comparative approach to reappraise the meridian system" is very interesting. We respect you as a pioneer in this field.
Yours sincerely,
Kwang-Sup Soh, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies.


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The 14 meridians
their own points

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NB: the author uses the words "channel", "meridian" and "vessel" as synonyms to define the system of lines, tubes or slices transporting the undemonstrated energy called Qi (pronounce "tchi") to all parts of the body. Anyway he considers "meridian" more suitable for scientific speech and literature, also because it is already employed in other fields of knowledge as in geography and morphogenesis.

All the following meridians possess their own points. The first two are of the eight extraordinary meridians, and delimit the plane of bilaterally symmetry: Governor Vessel (Du Mai) dorsally and Conception Vessel (Ren Mai) ventrally. They are always active. Follow the 12 Principal Meridians that have a two hours peak of activity every day. Qi, or Vital Force, or according to our hypothesis Morphogenetic Energy flows two hours a day for every day from conception to death, healthy or affected by emptiness, fullness, block, or invaded by exterior energy (e.g. wind, cold, dampness etc.) that's means diseases of the material body.

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blue line: yin organ/meridian | red lines: yang organ/meridian
solid lines stand for external paths, dotted lines for internal paths






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The Active Points Test book is published in English ◊
a smart, clinical test for best choice of
effective points