December 22, 2014.
Dear Dr. Stefano Marcelli, we noticed that your paper "Gross anatomy and acupuncture: A comparative approach to reappraise the meridian system" is very interesting. We respect you as a pioneer in this field.
Yours sincerely,
Kwang-Sup Soh, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies.


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Gross Anatomy
and acupuncture: a
comparative approach
to reappraise the
meridian system.

The full collection of observations
according to scientific method

2008-2019 Stefano Marcelli

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NB: the author uses the words "channel", "meridian" and "vessel" as synonyms to define the system of lines, tubes or slices transporting the undemonstrated energy called Qi (pronounce "tchi") to all parts of the body. Anyway he considers "meridian" more suitable for scientific speech and literature, also because it is already employed in other fields of knowledge as in geography and morphogenesis.



  Why acupuncture should give science clear evidences?
I began to apply scientific method to acupuncture because I could no longer hear someone to say" the thumb is the finger of the lung", "the inner path of the kidney meridian ends at the root of the tongue" and other similar sentences with no evidence or at least a rational explanation.

Minimal knowledge on the acupuncture meridian system
It is indispensable for non-acupuncturists to grasp and take advantage from the results of the observations collected in this site.

The strange circle in the acupuncture kidney meridian
Scientific method before being applied needs a question, which in this case was: why in the many meters that compose the meridian system only in the kidney meridian there's a circle?

Right and left branches of large intestine meridian cross in a very special zone
The strongest coincidence between an acupuncture meridian and the anatomy of its related organ.

Does the gallbladder meridian establish the shapes of skull and liver?
This question sordidly installed in my mind the suspect that "morphogens" could mean physical forces beside than chemical molecules.

Triple Burner, Triple Energizer, Triple Warmer, Sanjiao or DUODENUM-PANCREAS (exocrine)
Studying this organ, to which the old Chinese did not succeed to call by a conclusive name, I understood I needed also to take a look at vertebrate comparative anatomy books.
How many coincidences need to be found before we can call them causes?
Truth can be relative and contradictory: popes engaged soldiers and (Michel)anges.
Small intestine or jejunum and ileum
talis pater talis filius
The Stomach that is the "Centre"
The stomach results to be the pivot that in the embryonic development allows large intestine to cross the midline and become a bilateral organ.
A new outlook on back-shu point anatomy
Scientific method applied to research in acupuncture made me add new knowledge to a very old medical discipline, and explained the criterion upon which back-shu points are listed.
Morphogenetic points and meridians
Contrary to what happens in other vertebrates, in humans some important acupuncture points do not correspond to particular anatomic features. These observations are a clue for a possible implication of the Acupuncture Meridian System as a physical mold in the morphogenesis of individuals and species.
Does evolution pass through the acupuncture meridians? Evo-devo acupuncture 
I am still looking for scientists who admit mythology among the prime sources of any scientific insight.

Crucial questions that comparative approach succeeded to answer
The comparative approach is nothing but simply a meticulous observation, first step of the scientific method.
12 Acupuncture Meridian System in other animal must respect comparative comparative approach
Comparative anatomical approach allows acupuncture scholars to draw meridians on whatever animal.
  Scientific Literature on this specific subject
  Appendix: the consequent theory
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