Triple Burner, Triple Energizer
Triple Warmer, Sanjiao or

2008-2018 Stefano Marcelli

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NB: the author uses the words "channel", "meridian" and "vessel" as synonyms to define the system of lines, tubes or slices transporting the undemonstrated energy called Qi (pronounce "tchi") to all parts of the body. Anyway he considers "meridian" more suitable for scientific speech and literature, also because it is already employed in other fields of knowledge as in geography and morphogenesis.


The Triple Burner o Energizer of Chinese tradition (Sanjiao) is here renamed and identified with the Duodenum-Exocrine Pancreas, because the duodenum has at least three digestive functions that correspond to  those described by traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, duodenum-pancreas exocrine produces alkaline juice itself and receives bile and pancreatic secretion. In the pictures below, the Sanjiao meridian path on the face actually seems to overlap with the duodenum and pancreas.  

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